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How to Book A Class

Booking a class on our website is quick and easy. To help you get started, here's a  guide on how to book a class through our website. By following the step-by-step instructions below, you'll be able to secure your place in a class effortlessly.

01. Confirm Studio Location

D Fly Fitness Studio is proud to operate in several locations across Singapore. Choose the location closest to you.

03. Pick A Class

We offer several unique types of Yoga and Dance classes – each one offering you different benefits. Take a moment to see see, look look by clicking on "Classes".

05. Book It

Under the "Class View" or "Calendar View" on the "Book A Class" Page, choose the specific session you want to book with the "Book Now" button. After, fill in the Booking Form and confirm your Schedule.

02. Register Your Name

You must be a registered user before you can book a class. This helps us keep in touch with you and enables secure payments when you login.

04. Choose A Session

View Class Schedules from either the "Book A Class" or the "Schedule" Link under the "Book a Class" Menu. Choose a Time that Fits Your Schedule.

06. Settle Payment

Click the "Pay Now" button to pay with your Pricing Plan. If you don't already have a Plan, choose one that fits your interests and purchase it to finish the booking.

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