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Kai Ting is our K-Pop instructor. She has successfully completed the Teacher Training Course in 2015 and started her K-pop teaching life in the same year. 

Through the practice of K-pop dance, she has enhanced her physical abilities, expanded her social circle and stimulated her creativity.


Stephy is our Dance Choreography Instructor. She is good at choreographing a wide range of dancing styles. She is also our Kpop Dance Instructor. Please don't be shy to join her class if you are a Kpop lover.

She is eager to share her knowledge and skill to everyone who is passionate about dancing. Dance has greatly influenced and changed her life. Precisely speaking, she found herself through dance. Hence, she wishes that more people would be able to build up their self confidence through the learning process in her dancing class.


Anna Chan completed her Yoga and Aerial Yoga Instructor course at Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore, certified by the Yoga Alliance. Through her yoga endeavours, she developed a depth of awareness that enriched her yoga experience and enhanced every aspect of her life. Get deeper into her practice as she goes along and reflect fully with the passage of time on how far she has come in yoga and life. Yoga doesn’t always make us feel better immediately and we need to value the opportunity it gives us to express emotions through our bodies and develop our inner self. Even if it doesn’t feel good at that time. She felt a strong desire to share what she has experienced with her friends and family. The benefits are too good to keep to herself.


Linus Ng is a personal trainer cum GX Instructor. He spent a good 18 years in the engineering industry before he decided to re-engineer his lifestyle, become a fitness trainer. 

He is a result oriented fitness and personal trainer with passion for designing exercise and specialised fitness programs that enhance workout efficiency, improves fitness, increase stamina, and develop an overall sense of well-being.


Chan Boon San has been a Yoga Practitioner for more than 20 years.  In 2007, she completed her diploma in Yoga with the Mohans at Svastha Yoga. She also learned Yoga for the Special Child from Sonia Sumar. 

She believes that Yoga practice should be adapted to each individual unique physical and mental condition. Her eye for details has helped many of her students improve their health and posture.

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Cressida Wong is an Aerial Yoga Instructor and the co-founder of D Fly Fitness Studio. She successfully completed the Teacher Training Course in 2019. She attended Handstand Workshop conducted by Shanghai Master HUA and Yogi Vava Aerial Yoga Workshop from Taiwan in the same year. 

She found a kind of peace with her mind and body through the practice of aerial yoga. Besides aerial, she enjoys traveling, hiking and being outdoors.

"I believe in Aerial Yoga. At some point, Aerial yoga transformed my life, and I decided to share it with my best knowledge."

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Mandy is an Aerial Yoga Instructor. She started practising Aerial Yoga in her late 20's. She has successfully completed the Fly Yoga Level I conducted by Master of HUA.Her favourite poses are inversions and cross back straddle. In her spare time, she enjoys aerial dancing on the Hoop and Hammock. Mandy is thrilled to join forces as a team member with D Fly Fitness Studio based in Singapore.

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